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Malacatário's second edition already available (Portuguese only)

The second edition of Malacatário, dedicated to the project's activities for the quarter from April to June, is already on the streets.

In this edition we tell you a little more about the projects À Noite no Mercado, Visões, Open Call Wide Space and I Was Here, I'll Be Here; in addition to an interview with the Norwegian artist Lise Wulff, partner of the project and who was in residence at Mina de São Domingos in March for the construction of the art installation "Ninho", and another interview with a "mineira" - Sílvia Paulino.

Malacatário is a quarterly newspaper, with local distribution to let everyone know a little more about the people, activities and news of the Malacate Project.

You can access the digital version here. (available only in Portuguese)


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