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An entropy of emotions

The Malacate project ended 2022 in an intensely emotional way. ENTROPIA premiered at the Cineteatro da Mina de São Domingos. A creation of Marina Nabais and

Ricardo Machado promoted by Projeto Malacate! It was so nice to welcome you to this space that we have been preparing over the last few weeks and to show you the result of a creation process that took place over the last 4 months.

With the ENTROPIA team we filled the Cineteatro da Mina de São Domingos over 3 consecutive nights where we danced, played, laughed and were moved by so many smiles, hugs and words of strength from everyone who came to see us.

Whether in the construction of the show, in the setting up of the exhibition or in the way we rethought the Cineteatro space to receive you, the objective has always been to bring the community closer to our work process.

Without those breaths on the other side, without the laughter, without the questions and criticisms, without the applause, without the hugs stolen in the streets, without the get-togethers in Mina's cafes at the end of the day, everything would have made little sense.

Thanks for being with us.

Text by Leonor Carpinteiro.

Photographic record of Sónia Godinho

Premiere photo of Sónia Godinho Fotografia


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