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We went "From Mouth to Mouth" in the last Malacate Conversations

On the last 8th of May, we had the pleasure of receiving in our MALACATE Conversations the mentors of the project "de Boca em Boca – stories nourishing communities" - Rita Sales and Pedro Bravo - which they develop in the municipality of Mértola, since 2020

As always, Miguel Maia, the artistic director of MALACATE, was in charge of the mediation and the Cineteatro hall was once again a space for sharing ideas, this time about the challenges and also the richness that comes with artistic work in deserted and often forgotten areas of the interior of the country.

Before an attentive audience, Rita Sales and Pedro Bravo, spoke about the activities they have been developing with the municipality's community, namely the new show "Eu não sei se sei contar!*" co-created and interpreted by people who inhabit the municipality of Mértola, of the most varied ages and occupations. The purpose of this show is to recreate former times when traditional storytellers occupied a special place in the community.

It was a very enriching evening for everyone who had the opportunity to listen to these incredible guests. Thank you Rita Sales and Pedro Bravo!

*"I don't know if I know how to tell"


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