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Street Artist

Pøbel is the pseudonym of a Norwegian urban artist, based in Stavanger. Pøbel is recognized for the Getto Spedalsk project, intervening abandoned buildings on the Lofoten Islands in northern Norway in collaboration with "Dolk".

Later, both were invited to decorate the central railway stations in Oslo and Trondheim. He is currently one of the leading names in urban art in Norway, and his work, developed throughout Europe, is documented in several books on the subject. His “stencil” paintings are quite recognizable, especially in portraying superheroes like Superman and Batman in their decrepit old age.

His age and real name are not officially known. In July 2012, Pøbel curated the urban art event Komafest in Vardø, Norway, where international artists collaborated to decorate a fishing community hit hard by depopulation.

Since 2015, he has been working with the community of Teriberka (Russia), working on the neglect of the industry and population of this locality. In April 2016, he spray-painted the symbolic \"mute\" icon under Donald Trump's star on the Hollywood sidewalk in Los Angeles.


©Ian Cox

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