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A week ago, Malacate Conversations focused on how history works memory

On the 10th of April we had Professor Paulo Guimarães, historian and researcher, as well as a university professor in the area of history.

The conversation focused on how history is made and documented by historians and other social scientists. The S. Domingos Mine, as well as the historical heritage and social historiography associated with mining in the country, is a recurring theme in the work of Prof. Paulo Guimarães and dominated the debate.

Is it possible to document historical truth? How do the different instituted powers shape the writing of history? How can you guarantee the right conditions for this work to be done with rigor? And what is the historical richness of the archival heritage that survived the exploration times of the S. Domingos Mine.

It was a short but very intense hour and a half and we want to deeply thank Prof. Paulo Guimarães and we look forward to seeing you more often with our Malacate.


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