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Another landscape

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

This Saturday, October 8, at 10:00 am we will receive painter Daniela Reis for a painting and drawing workshop on the landscape (through transparent materials!).

We invited the painter Daniela Reis to the 2nd edition of the Utopian Workshops. With the challenge of trying to promote connections between the mine and the outside, between the hidden and the revealed, this next visitor is preparing what is already a very anticipated moment: a morning well spent with those who want to join in imagining new futures. With this plastic activity, it is proposed to create a material record based on the immateriality of memory, desire, abstraction and the evocation of distant realities. To produce an artistic object that registers a desire for the future, an escape from melancholy through “making work”. Thus, based on texts by various authors (António Tabucchi, Italo Calvino, Elis Regina, Clarice Lispector...) and visual examples (Hundertwasser, Anselm Kiefer, Olafur Eliasson, Swoon...) the construction of an idealized landscape will be proposed.

A landscape made of interiors that will overlap and embrace the scenery offered by the São Domingos Mine.

The sharing with the participants will be based on painting and drawing techniques, based on photographs and the landscape of the mining buildings, creating, through quick sketch and registration, alternative landscapes that reveal the imagination of each one.

Drawings will be made on glass, acrylic and paper, and participants of all ages are welcome.

Outdoor workshop, next to the ruins of the old workshop warehouses!

free participation

More information and registration:

924 744 056

©Leonor Carpinteiro


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