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Back at the Mine, we inaugurated the Malacate Council.

After the conclusion of the Malacate project, which took place between 2021 and 2023 at the S. Domingos Mine, mobilizing the entire community increasingly around the creation of contemporary community art, the year 2024 will be marked by new activities included in a renewed project. This initiative, responding to requests from the community for the project to return, arises from an invitation extended by the Municipality of Mértola to the Cepa Torta Company, aiming to capitalize on the momentum generated by the previous two years, enhancing proposals and solidifying a new cultural centrality in the Lower Alentejo, participatory and diverse.

In April, we launched the Malacate Council, a community curatorial group created with residents of S. Domingos Mine and the region, with responsibilities for monitoring and deciding on the artistic projects to be developed.

We gathered in this first meeting to begin reflecting on the future of Malacate at S. Domingos Mine, what expectations, aspirations, and needs are felt in this community when we think about artistic creation and enjoyment in this location.

Thank you all for your generosity and for always welcoming us with open arms! See you soon!


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