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Enthusiastic return in September!

After some cancellations that we were forced to during the month of August, for reasons to which we are totally unrelated, we are preparing a strong return to activities during the month of September.

In addition to the sculptural installation by Lise Wulff, at the entrance of the Mina de S. Domingos, the photographs by Sónia Godinho in the area of ​​the old workshops and the murals left by the visual artist Tamara Alves by Norwegian artist Pøbel, now it's time for the performing arts to flood the region.

During this month, the works of the dancers and choreographers Marina Nabais and Ricardo Machado will begin, starting their Entropia project, holding a workshop open to the entire population. Also in September we will have another edition of At Night at the Market and also some guided tours - Open Sky - which could not be carried out in August.

Lots of reasons to go and participate! All the information here on our agenda.


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