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ENTROPIA about to premiere...

From December 15 to 17 we will have ENTROPIA at Cineteatro da Mina de São Domingos! A great opportunity to come see or rediscover the Cineteatro after the remodeling and see the work that choreographers and dancers Marina Nabais and Ricardo Machado have been preparing, along with participants from the region and other guest artists.

ENTROPY - Process of artistic and participatory investigation of movement, music and video

In the perception of the ruins we sense something that is not there, a guest who has left: someone has just left when we enter, something is still floating in the air and something has also remained.

María Zambrano in A Metaphor of Hope: The Ruins

The key idea that led us to build this artistic object comes from the notion of energy waste, proposed by the concept of Entropy.

When we look at the Mina de São Domingos we think of extraction, of the exploitation of the land, of nature, of human labor, and of the energy that was dissipated and not used. For us, this wasted energy still remains here.

Is entropy seen only as loss and chaos? Or can we find a space for resilience and the possibility of generating states of unpredictability that generate life again? We could look at the potentialities of the future, however, we were interested in investigating, through a creative process, the present moment and its place in current corporalities, as well as the point where tension still floats in the air and remains in the collective memory.

Artistic direction, choreography, interpretation and costumes: Marina Nabais and Ricardo Machado Musical direction and interpretation: Rémi Gallet Video: Gonçalo Mota Light Designer: Cláudia Rodrigues Executive Production: Leonor Carpinteiro Texts: Maria Zambrano, Marina Nabais, Ricardo Machado A project MALACATE

Participants - show: Alina Rukosueva, Ana Santos, Cátia Marques, Iuri Araújo, Mónica Palma, Sandra Fona, Sasha Rukosuev, Sophia Rukosueva, Tânia Sacramento Participants - video and voz-off: Ana Luísa Martins, António Pilonas, Beatriz Araújo, Catarina Brito, Fátima Santos, Filipe Abreu, Jacinta, José Fabião, Manuel Conduto, Maria Clarinda Fernandes, Reinaldo Seno

At Cineteatro da Mina de São Domingos December 15 and 16 at 9PM

17 of December at 6PM

Booking and more information | +351 924 744 056 Free Entrance


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