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First residency Open Call, Wide Space in May

It begins in May the first of two artistic residencies from the international public call for Open Call, Wide Space, launched at the end of last year for performing arts professionals from EEA Grants donor countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway).

The first residency brings to Mina de São Domingos a multidisciplinary proposal by three artists - Ana Brotas, Karina Sletten and Viviana Cárdenas, who propose to “start a series of meetings, events and spontaneous encounters with residents to draw an emotional map that relate memories, stories and gestures about water, as well as the memories of the Mine and its water technologies”.

Ana Brotas, Karina Sletten and Viviana Cárdenas will be at Mina between the 2nd and 29th of May to develop their work and challenge the entire community to join them to get to know the place, its history and its people better. On Saturday, May 28, before departure, it is scheduled a presentation of the work developed during their residency.

We now leave a presentation of the three artists who will walk the streets of Mina de São Domingos during the next month:

Ana Brotas

Ana Brotas has experience in artistic research, audiovisual communication and pedagogy. Often situated in collaborative and interdisciplinary contexts, her practice investigates how language can mediate, trace and produce knowledge in the public space. Her previous projects were developed in places like V2_Lab for the Unstable Media (NL), Associação Luzlinar (PT), Silo Arte e Latitude Rural (BR) and European Capital of Culture of Plovdiv (BG). She is currently part of the collective research team “Urban Ecologies” led by Bull.Miletic on the ROM for Art and Architecture (NO), and collaborates with Viviana Cárdenas on the “Metonymy Garden” project, examining the fictional capacity of landscapes through participatory, narrative interventions and performance. Ana Brotas holds a master's degree in Art and Public Space from the Oslo National Academy of Arts, for which she received a scholarship from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

Karina Sletten

Karina Sletten is a multidisciplinary artist working with sound, performance, video and relational aesthetics. Her projects involve the architectural meeting points of coexistence between people, nature and objects of human design, often using abandoned places as performative sites or objects of further research. Sletten's training in radio gives her works a narrative style, where message and reflection are often integrated into the work as an interactive medium. Recently, Sletten did a residency at the Harpefoss Hotell Art Arena, where she conducted research for an upcoming anthology of texts on what she describes as “Ruin ​​Constructions” – ecological and technological excavations into contemporary issues – such as Norwegian forest eradication and architecture. hostile expansion in large cities. She also held a residency at the Notam Center for Electronic Arts in Oslo, where she is currently doing research for her upcoming video «Trygghet i Offentlig Rom» (Security in Public Space) – a critical look at how the term security is constituted and used. Karina Sletten holds a Master's in Art and Public Space from the National Academy of Arts in Oslo.

Viviana Cárdenas

Viviana Cárdenas is interested in producing projects and strategies that serve as platforms for collective and collaborative fabulation. In her work, she creates fictional narratives adapting spaces through language, installation, drawing, prints, animation and audio. Her experience includes co-directing an artists platform for contemporary design and underground culture and leading public educational programs for teens and children. Viviama Cárdenas has a degree in fine arts and pedagogy, and a master's degree in Art and Public Space from the National Academy of Arts in Oslo. She has already held artistic residencies at the Banff Centre, Ruangrupa, [R.A.T] and Casa Tres Patios. Some of her recent projects include TransAtlantic Sci-Fi, a laboratory that blends contrasting urban landscapes of Oslo and Medellín - presented by TentHaus (NO) and Exploratorio (CO); “Oslo Syndrome”, a performative walk in collaboration with Critical Walks with the aim of starting a conversation about migration, impermanence, inequality and destiny; and “Metonymy Garden”, a collaboration with Ana Brotas that seeks to investigate nature and landscapes as a starting point for fictional fabrication. She is currently based in Oslo, having previously lived in Bogotá, Colombia.


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