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In the MALACATE Talks we learned (almost) everything about the Iberian Pyrite Belt

On the 27th of March, we received João Matos and Miguel Rego, deep connoisseurs of the S.Domingos Mine, in the areas of geology and heritage, respectively, for the Malacate Conversations.

It was a very enriching afternoon, in which we immersed ourselves in the beginnings of the mining era in this region, and in its evolution over time. How mining has changed from Roman times to the present day, namely with regard to the working conditions of miners and the environmental concerns involved in this activity.

We took a trip along the formation of the Iberian Pyrite Belt, where the S.Domingos Mine is located, and we heard about the dominant rocks and ores of this place. And everything was explained very clearly, which allowed all the audience to follow this conversation, apparently more technical, and to understand the basic concepts that explain the existence of this Mine that is over 2000 years old.

A big thank you to our guests and to everyone who attended yet another Malacate Conversation.

The next Malacate Conversation will take place on the 10th of April, with historian Paulo Guimarães. As always, everyone is invited.

Photo credits ©Sonia Godinho


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