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Open Call, Wide Space: the selected projects for the artistic residency

The MALACATE Project had an open call for the Open Call, Wide Space activity, an artist residency program for performing arts professionals from EEA Grants donor countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway).

The Artistic Direction of the project, Miguel Maia and Filipe Abreu, met on January 5th to select two projects from the various applications.

The first residency will take place on May and presents a multidisciplinary proposal by three artists - Ana Brotas, Karina Sletten and Viviana Cárdenas, who propose to “initiate a series of gatherings, happenings, and spontaneous encounters with the local residents to trace an emotional map correlating memories, stories, and gestures about water, as well as any recollections about the Mina de S. Domingos and its hydro-technologies”.

In January 2023, MALACATE will welcome to Mina de São Domingos the collective composed by Stein Henningsen and Sarah Gerats, from the mining town Longyearbyen, with a performance project. The two set out to “work outside and make walks in the village, the mining site and the industrial shaped nature and react to quickliy changing weather and altering surroundings”.


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