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The Autumn Malacate is already out!

Our Autumn Malacate is out on the streets and has already reached the homes in the region a few days ago!

In this that is the fourth issue of the quarterly publication of the Malacate project, you can recall the activities that took place over the summer and also get to know what we have prepared for the coming months.

Among other things, we have an interview with the choreographer duo Marina Nabais and Ricardo Machado who are in artistic residence in Mina, developing a multidisciplinary and participatory artistic creation with the collaboration of the community, which will culminate in a show in December - ENTROPIA.

Stay tuned for more!

Publication also available for download at

In the picture: mural by Tamara Alves

On the cover of Malacatario: mural by Pøbel

Works produced under Malacate in the summer of 2022


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