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The press visited the MALACATE activities at the Mina de S.Domingos

On the 14th of April, we had the opportunity to show some of the press what we are preparing for the final stretch of the Malacate Project and also everything that has already been done and that remained in the field and in the memory of this community.

We received RTP, TSF and Coffeepaste, who were able to watch the Caixa de Questions rehearsals and interview the artistic team and community members who are involved in the preparation of this show. It was also possible to visit Mina de S.Domingos to see the artistic installations that Malacate already inhabits this locality and to interview Miguel Maia, the artistic director of the project, who spoke about the entire path that Malacte has traveled to date. and the activities that are yet to be unveiled. There was still time to meet the artistic team responsible for the immersive, site-specific performance, Abandoned Minds (Abandonada Mente) and talk to the co-creators, Rui Paixão and Brandon Lagaert about the preparation of this show, with its premiere on April 19, at the ruins of the mining complex.

Photo credits ©Sónia Godinho


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