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Through the "Open Sky" fields guided by Daniel Cardeira

On the 25th and 26th of March, there was another "Open sky" guided tour, an initiative of the MALACATE project which aims to promote knowledge of the heritage of the Mine of S.Domingos.

This time the focus was on the natural heritage of the S.Domingos Mine and its surroundings, guided by guest artist Daniel Cardeira, "son of the land" and whose artistic research focuses mainly on the body's relationship with the cultural and natural landscape .

The two mornings were dedicated especially to the paths between Jardim dos Ingleses and Tapada Grande in this new spring that presented us with vibrant colors, sweet smells and the good tranquility of this "Open Sky" in the São Domingos Mine. Thanks to our guide Daniel Cardeira for his availability and to all those who wanted to accompany us on these wonderful tours.

Photos: ©Tatiana Lemos


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