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Karina Sletten

Visual Artist

Karina Sletten is a multidisciplinary artist working with sound, performance, video and relational aesthetics. Her projects involve the architectural meeting points of coexistence between people, nature and objects of human design, often using abandoned places as performative sites or objects of further research. Sletten's training in radio gives her works a narrative style, where message and reflection are often integrated into the work as an interactive medium. Recently, Sletten did a residency at the Harpefoss Hotell Art Arena, where she conducted research for an upcoming anthology of texts on what she describes as “Ruin ​​Constructions” – ecological and technological excavations into contemporary issues – such as Norwegian forest eradication and architecture. hostile expansion in large cities. She also held a residency at the Notam Center for Electronic Arts in Oslo, where she is currently doing research for her upcoming video «Trygghet i Offentlig Rom» (Security in Public Space) – a critical look at how the term security is constituted and used. Karina Sletten holds a Master's in Art and Public Space from the National Academy of Arts in Oslo.

Karina Sletten

©Tonje Rustad Moser

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