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Pedro Faria Bravo

Beekeeper and Writer

Pedro Faria Bravo, a beekeeper, one of the few in Portugal dedicated to transhumance, travels with his bees through the regions of Alentejo and Algarve. As a child, he collected toy cars, and later, when he grew up, he dedicated himself to photographing the windmills of Portugal and the songs of birds that he learned, from an early age, to name in Latin.

He soon discovers, as a family, the taste of listening to and telling the stories of the ancients and for several years he has dedicated himself to writing the stories that were told by common people.

Skilled in working with the memory of the people, he knows how to preserve the marks of orality's language and, to ferment the genuineness of events, which he tempers with his intimate poetry.

Pedro Faria Bravo

©Rita Sales

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