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Rita Sales

Actress and Storyteller

Rita Sales is dedicated to the development of projects that involve art, education and community, cooperating with various entities inside and outside Portugal. She is doing a postgraduate degree in Performing Arts at the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema, in Lisbon. She has a degree in Early Childhood Education, with a specialization in community animation, from the Escola Superior de Educação de Setúbal. She also carries out academic studies in Philosophy and Theater Studies, at Universidade Nova de Lisboa and Universidade de Lisboa, respectively.

In 2012 and 2013, she participated in the Conferences In the name of the arts or in the name of the public?, organized by Culturgest, with the development of two new projects of cultural and artistic mediation in museums.

In January 2016, she joined the Culturgest Educational Services team, collaborating on the Epicentro project - interactive art environments for babies and families. She has been telling stories for over 20 years and has participated in theater festivals and book fairs across the country, in Spain, Cape Verde and East Timor.

Rita Sales

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