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Stein Henningsen


Stein Henningsen is a performance artist living on the arctic archipelago of Svalbard.
Since 2005, he has presented his work at many biennials, festivals, and events in Scandinavia,
Europe, North America and Asia.
Henningsen is influenced by photography, thinking of his performances as vivid images.
His work addresses political, social, financial and climate issues in a contemporary context.
His first major work was produced in 2005, when Henningsen toured Europe with “Crosses of
Liberty” (installation and performance), which was a small military cemetery of life-size
reproductions of the American cemeteries in Normandy.
Henningsen´s goal is to create provocative images that resonate with audiences over time – to
get them to reflect on their complicity with regard global issues.

Stein Henningsen

@Tatiana Lemos

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