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Tamara Alves

Visual Artist and Illustrator

Tamara Alves (b. 1983) is a Portuguese artist who lives in Lisbon and uses a plastic language inspired by urban living.
Using supports with multifaceted characteristics – from painting, to illustration, from installation to urban art. Tamara is interested in “contextual” art, which is inserted in the world, abandoning places common, having as a predilection to present their works on the street or in public spaces.
In the work of Tamara Alves, the erotic panorama of a contemporary body is represented with these effects of expansion of the limits that constitute it. A raw passion, instead of rational deliberation, a body-without-organs, an animal becoming, the sensations experienced, “naked hysterical starvation” (Allen Ginsberg).
Since 2000, she has participated in several projects, collective and individual exhibitions and urban art interventions.

Tamara Alves

©Chris Costa

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