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Abandoned Minds a show that won't soon be forgotten

On the 19th and 20th of April, we were amazed by an immersive show with a strong component of visual and auditory elements, in the magical location of Achada do Gamo.

Photos ©Telmo Soares

The group trip started at the Cineteatro and the public took public transport to Achada do Gamo. On this trip, sold out for both days, people of all ages and from different parts of the world and Mina came.

We were surprised by a wonderfully interpreted story by Rui Paixão, who took us through the story of a man who works as a tour guide, fighting against the deteriorating buildings that voluntarily surround him on a daily basis. Over time, the abandoned place confronts him with his inner demons, which he tries to overcome by focusing on simple work.

As you explore deeper into the landscape, only your body has the possibility to communicate what human language cannot. As he slowly loses touch with reality, we are faced with the possibility that this guided tour could be his last.

On the way back, we went back to the meeting point to applaud the artistic team and with a lot of desire to chat, as a result of everyone's curiosity. In exchange, we listened carefully to Rui Paixão and Brandon Lagaert who spoke about the work and the entire process of creating the project.

Photos ©Tatiana Lemos


Artistic Direction: Brandon Lagaert

Co-creator and performer: Rui Paixão

Direction and editing of the film: Telmo Soares

Soundscape: Brandon Lagaert and Telmo Soares


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