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Cinema, sound and taking culture to the remote places - a Malacate conversation

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

We welcomed, for another Malacate conversation, Rossana Torres, filmmaker, and João Romba, photographer and documentary filmmaker, both invited to talk about dedicating themselves to the art of cinema outside the big urban centers. With a room full of people curious to get to know better the path of these artists, the professional work of Rossana Torres was discovered a little better - linked to cinematographic creation and also to the pedagogical work and dissemination of cinema in the region. Rossana has collaborated with the association Os Filhos do Lumiére, in several projects to promote cinema among young people, and is the author of the films Cordão Verde (2009), O sabor do leite creme (2021) and Terra (2018), the latter of which received the award for best documentary at DocLisboa in 2018. João Romba, in addition to collaborating with Rossana Torres, is dedicated to social portrait work, street and landscape photography.

The conversation was lively, focusing on the need to build more effective bridges between local artists, the community's forces and the general public. It was also the opportunity for Rossana and João to get to know Nuno Pereira, who as a child helped operate the large film projection machine at the iconic Mina theatre venue.

Foto: Sónia Godinho


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