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Isabel Campos in the Malacate TALKS

This March 13, 2023, we received Isabel Campos, director of the ALSUD Professional School and also of the local Senior University. Despite not being born in Mértola, he has lived in the county for over 30 years, with a remarkable career in training, education and cultural dynamism. The conversation, which had an audience made up of people from Mina de S. Domingos and also some artists who will participate in the theatre play "Caixa de Perguntas", focused mainly on issues associated with local development. Why do we continue with the same problems of desertification and underdevelopment that we have seen for decades? What makes qualified people not want to settle in these places, when the quality of life and proximity to nature are positive factors? What kind of projects are needed to regenerate these communities? These and other questions heated up the debate which lasted until dinnertime, ending with tea shared among everyone and also with the registration of some people as participants in the theater show in preparation and with its premiere scheduled for June 8, 2023 - "Caixa de Perguntas".

Photos: Sónia Godinho


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