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Brandon Lagaert

Director and Coreographer

Brandon (1992, Ghent, BE) joined Peeping Tom in 2013 to create Vader, and has also created Moeder, Kind, Dido & Aeneas and La Visita. It is in this company that he built his signature as a multidisciplinary artist.

In his work, Brandon combines elements from different disciplines, such as urban and contemporary dance, theater and film. As a director, I usually start from the performer's perspective to establish a certain foundation, before approaching the general structure. He does this under the name of his company KAIHO, on which the award-winning performances Subdued and Mondo Fuso were built.

In 2019, Brandon created the Doggy Rugburn performance for the Lithuanian dance company Aura, which is still touring nationally. In 2021 he was invited to create for the Italian dance company Equilibro Dinamico and in 2022 he created 'Next Stop' with the graduate students of the mime department at AHK in Amsterdam.

In 2023, Brandon will continue to work as a choreographer on various projects, such as a night solo for the Portuguese clown/actor Rui Paixão and a performance for the Italian school Paolo Grassi.

Brandon Lagaert

©Ryuya Miyakoshi

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