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Paula Varanda

Dance researcher and creator

Paula Varanda holds a PhD in Artistic Studies and Humanities from Middlesex University in London and a degree from the Escola Superior de Dança in Lisbon. He coordinated several artistic projects, taught at several institutions and has published work, namely in the field of dance and education and dance and new technologies. In this context, he highlights his collaboration with Jornal Público, from which he published 70 dance reviews (Kaleidoscope 2020) and his book Dançar é Crescer – Aldara Bizarro e o Projeto Respira (Kaleidoscope 2012). In 2008, he created the Dansul project – dance for the community in southeastern Alentejo – based in Mértola and carried out in partnership with four municipalities, schools and other local entities, assuming the artistic direction until December 2015 with the signature of creations for the community and the dansul festival schedule. In this context, he published the book As Andanças da Tília Pastora (100Luz, 2015), with which he held numerous workshops with educational centers in the district of Beja. She was Director-General of Arts at the Ministry of Culture between 2016 and 2018. Since 2019 she has been an integrated researcher at the Institute of Art History in Lisbon (IHA_FCSH/Universidade Nova de Lisboa) and since 2020 a guest professor at the Masters in Performing Arts at the same university. He has been working in the pedagogical direction of Colégio Cesário Verde in Lisbon since 2019.

Paula Varanda

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