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Ricardo Machado

Dancer and Coreographer

Choreographer and regular performer in multiple contexts of contemporary performing arts, usually integrating transdisciplinary research centers in an artistic co-creation regime.",

He worked as a performer and co-creator with several choreographers and directors, such as Aldara Bizarro, Né Barros, Moncho Rodriguez, Victor Hugo Pontes, Rui Lopes Graça, Kurt Demey, Marielle Morales, Joana Antunes, Olga Roriz, Karine Ponties, Ido Batash, Anna Réti, Madalena Victorino, Circolando, Paulo Ribeiro Company, Roberto Olivan, among others.

The great engine of his artistic presence is, invariably, movement, and his area of ​​creation, dance – in pure formal situations (the theater room), but also in those that are dictated by the space and context of creation itself. Your thematic affection more recurrent is that of questioning the performative way of being and the place of the audience. Its modus operandi is the search for the fiction of the real. “REI-SOL”, “L'après-midi d'un sportif”, “MARKULUS” and “Point of You” give name to the first proposals he signed, the latter created and premiered in Budapest, with Anna Réti, and selected by the Aerowaves platform, as one of the 20 priority European works of 2016.

Ricardo Machado

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