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We entered the 3rd week of the Question Box

Last week, the Caixa de Questions team headed to Mina de S. Domingos for a few more days of intense work and entertainment!

The mornings were dedicated to preparation meetings with the technical team - light, sound and video - and the afternoons to work sessions, on the Musical, with the actors, in the various groups that have already been formed with many elements of the community that so generously have joined us to embody this show, which will premiere on June 8th.

We still have a long way to go, but the various scenes that will form the script of this Box of Questions are already beginning to take shape. We already have enough volunteers to help build this show, but we remain with open arms to welcome anyone who still wants to join this wonderful team, to be on stage or to help behind the scenes, such as building sets, sewing costumes, supporting the logistics, transport or security.

And of course, we are also ready to receive those who come from the surrounding area, which is why we have built a bridge with various initiatives and groups located in this beautiful region.

This week, we were invited by the incredible Celina da Piedade, to present our Box of Questions to her Grupo de Artes Performativas de Mértola and invite everyone to come and discover this project and join us.

And of course, we all ended up singing! Thank you Celina for the invitation.

Curious? So come on over and join us in participating in the final show of the MALACATE Project. All you have to do is contact Tatiana Lemos or Beatriz Sousa by phone +351 924 744 056 or by email


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